Die Qualität


The stable quality of our products and services is one of the foundation stones of our successful business operation. For us quality means fulfilling the expectations of our clients in the best possible way. In this sense, quality is an important criterion for the decision to buy and forms a reliable tie with our clients.

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Acting with quality awareness for us also means handling valuable resources efficiently and with care. Every member of staff has the obligation and the right to work towards the elimination of any circumstances that might prevent the production of goods of impeccable quality.

The on-going improvement of the quality is therefore for us in the medium and long terms also a pre-requisite for effective cost cutting and an significant contribution to the conservation of the environment.

Trouble-free organisation and the most progressive methods of quality management form the framework necessary for it. Our understanding of quality and our quality awareness, as well as the attitude to quality on the part of all of the employees are the prerequisites for the satisfaction of our customers and hence for our company's lasting success. Therefore our suppliers also have to meet stringent requirements: they must have quality assurance systems in accordance with DIN/ISO 9000 et seq.


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