Quality Managment

We are wholesale traders and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. In the area of accessories and replacement parts for the repair, modification and construction of railroad freight cars, we only co-operate with manufacturers who fulfil the requirements of the above mentioned norm and who are in possession of admissions of European public railroad companies.

In addition, our company is certified according to DIN EN 15085-2 as a welding company for the manufacture of components for railway vehicles according to class CL 1 and has completed the classification of quality capability carried out by the Deutsche Bahn AG with the result Q2.

The fabrication of parts is subject to continual controls by the quality inspection service of the Deutsche Bahn AG. On request, the spare parts are delivered with acceptance certificates to EN 10 204 3.2

We are always in contact with our suppliers to clarify to what extent certifications exist and what quality requirements are requested by our customers.

We also comply with the current VPI guideline as well as the quality assurance system of the Deutsche Bahn AG and received their supplier qualification for spare parts for rail vehicles and track construction material:

DB supplier qualification - spare parts for rail vehicles (PDF)
DB supplier qualification - track material (PDF)

Furthermore, the CSRC Cargo Rail Service Center e.V. has, by issuing the proof of conformity, certified that the product management system introduced and applied in our company ensures the conformity of the traded components and spare parts.


Manufacturer-related product qualification (HPQ)

The manufacturer-related product qualification is part on quality policy of the Deutsche Bahn AG and is based on the requirements in the railway-specific technical rules and standards such as UIC, DIN EN, DBS, BN as well as the List of Products subject to Quality Control. The HPQ qualifies a manufacturer to make a certain product adopting a specific process that has already been described in standards, drawings or other technical documents.

Manufacturers who are longstanding, experienced suppliers of the Deutsche Bahn AG are also required to obtain an HPQ if required in any of the aforementioned rules and standards.

The goal of the manufacturer-related product qualification is to ensure that only those manufacturers supply (directly or indirectly) safety-related products to the Deutsche Bahn AG who are in a position to meet the requirements for safety, reliability and process capability. Possession of the HPQ is to be verified before the manufacturing commences.

Supplier management according to module 1

The supplier management system is used to find the selection and further development of the right business partners for the purchasing. It is a structured method for evaluating and assessing suppliers.

The supplier management includes the supplier evaluation and supplier assessment that has the goal to ensure the continuous assurance and improvement of quality and performance of the business partner of the Deutsche Bahn AG and thus also for the customers of the Deutsche Bahn AG.

The supplier evaluation and supplier assessment is used to assess the ability of the company and to identify risks that the Deutsche Bahn AG as well as the affiliated companies have to anticipate when placing orders as the contractor for supplies and services of the DB AG.

The product divisions of the Purchasing Departments are in charge of the supplier evaluation, supplier assessment as well as the supplier development.

The supplier evaluation may include the quality capability (module 1 with the results Q1 to Q3) and/or the commercial competence (module 2 with the results E1 to E3).


With our supplies we can issue the following works certificates to you upon request:

Works certificate acc. to EN 10204 2.1

In the works certificate the manufacturing or processing factory confirms in the form of a text, without explicitly indicating test results, that the supply complies with the agreements made at the time of acceptance of the order.

This certificate can also be issued retrospectively.
Costs: upon request


Works certificate acc. to EN 10204 2.2

In the works certificate the manufacturing or processing factory confirms with test results from current operational testing of products made of the same material and manufactured in the same way as the supply itself (series production), that the supply complies with the agreements made at the time of acceptance of the order.  If this type of works certificate is requested, this should be indicated at the time of ordering.

This certificate cannot be issued retrospectively.
Costs: upon request


Inspection certificate acc. to EN 10204 3.1

The inspection certificate is confirmed according to the terms of delivery of the customer or, if available, according to the official regulations and the corresponding technical rules, by an expert appointed by the factory (works expert). The required tests must have been carried out by an independent testing agency which has the necessary equipment at its disposal. 

The tests to be carried out must be specified at the time of ordering. A retrospective issue of this certificate is not possible. 

The following items can be tested:

  • Density 
  • Tensile test (tensile stress, tensile strength, elongation at tear) 
  • Impact strength or notched bar impact value 
  • Ball impression hardness 
  • Rockwell hardness 
  • Melting point 
  • Melting Flow Rate (MFR) or Melting Viscosity Rate (MVR) 
  • Solvent viscosity 
  • Absorption of humidity / moisture contents 
  • Dimensional stability
  • Monomer content 
  • Ash content (GF content) 
  • Wear test 
  • Young's modulus 


Costs: upon request, depending on the type and number of tests selected.


Inspection certificate acc. to EN 10204 3.2 

Acceptance by Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railway)


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